With the growing numbers of engaging community in our @handsinframe, we believe we can be your strategic partner in promoting your brand and increasing its visual exposure.  


Content Creation

Advertisement can only do so much as to attract crowd to visit your account. But to make them stay and become a faithful audience, it’s essential to have a feed that is aesthetically beautiful and pleasing in the eye. Rest assured, we can help you with that! 


In-Depth Project

You’re interested in working with us by more than just a regular advertising? You have more ideas that you would like us to explore? We’re more than happy to sit and discuss it with you. We believe we can brainstorm together to conceptualize in-depth projects to increase your brand awareness and create a new fun way to interact with your customers.  



Whether you are launching a new product, setting up a new business venture, or opening up a new retail chain, we’ll gladly do a thorough review of it, and publish it on our Journal section. 


Branding and Visual Identity

We understand the importance of a visually captivating identity in order to market a brand. More often than not, the brand’s logo, packaging, colour palette and tonal appearance plays a crucial role in enhancing the brand’s exposure and its unique personality. With a graphic team filled with experience and creative background, we believe we can produce the most suitable visual identity of your brand, capturing the eye of your audience. 


Web Design and UI/UX

Your website is the "window display" of your brand. It is a tool for customers to get familiar with who you are and what you do. With that in mind, our team can help you create a well designed and user friendly website, as a direct representative of your brand’s image and your dedication to customer’s satisfaction.  

Campaign and Event

Product launching will be more effective when it is packaged with a well-thought concept and campaign. Let’s sit down and tinker some ideas of creative campaign or a launching event that is suitable with your new product. 

Product Photography

Photography is our roots, we just love snapping pictures of a beautiful product. We welcome any request for product photography service, ranging from menu book photograph of your newly opened restaurant, up to product catalog photograph of your retail chain.