It was back in early 2014, when a professional photographer named Benny Lim initially used the hashtag #HandsInFrame in his Instagram feed. He used it in any simple moments like sipping a coffee, having dinner, doing photoshoot or running an errand. That hashtag quickly became his visual diary.

Not long after, his Instagram followers started to follow and used the hashtag #HandsInFrame as well in their pictures. Seeing such positive responses from the community, Benny decided to create a dedicated account @HandsInFrame to curate all the beautiful images from the hashtag #HandsInFrame. That account soon experienced a rapid growth in numbers of active followers, and it became an engaging community. 

Based on the success of HandsInFrame, in late 2015 Benny decided to partner with fellow colleague and entrepreneur, Kaleb Lucman, to create a creative agency firm, HIF Creative.

Currently, HandsInFrame has achieved a global phenomenon, with audiences coming not only from South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines), but also from Japan, Korea, China and even USA, Europe and Australia. 

With its wide and global audiences, coupled by its commitment for excellent services, HIF Creative has become a strategic partner for companies to promote their brands. We are proud to be given the trust to work with notable brands around the globe such as Samsung, Sony Alpha, Urbanlife, Lindt Chocolate, Fiji Water, Plaza Indonesia, Bose and many others 


HIF Creative is an independent creative agency and design firm based in Jakarta. We help brands to effectively engage their audience through social media management, graphic design and content strategies.  

Through our focused and task-oriented team, we aim to provide each unique brands with artful and consistent images, compelling designs and strategic branding efforts. Day by day, we strive to be your creative problem solver.

Also at HIF Creative, we believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we seriously love what we do!  


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